Why would I want or need cordless table lamps?

Cordless table lamps have become popular in the past few years mainly due to advances in LED bulb technology and the development of rechargeable batteries used in mobile phones, laptops, tablets and electric vehicles.

The freedom to place lighting where needed, not limited to the nearest power socket is a unique advantage of these lamps.


                Compact battery table lamp in restaurant

Types of cordless lamps.

Candle substitute units

These are usually inexpensive, low level electric lighting used to create an ambience on a dining table or bar area.


 Liquid fuelled table lighting

  • Low initial cost
  • Fully portable.


  • Naked flame can create a fire risk.
  • Generally expensive to run, may require a specific fuel from the manufacturer or local supplier.
  • Usually have low light output.


 Battery operated table lamps

This is probably the largest category, they can range from low cost units powered by single use alkaline batteries to fully rechargeable lamps as detailed below:


  • Fully portable.
  • Low running costs.
  • May include variable brightness settings.
  • LED bulbs have long life and may never need replacing.


  • Higher initial cost.
  • Require recharging, although some lamps have extended autonomy.
  • Rechargeable batteries will eventually need replacement although advanced NiMH and Li-ion batteries usually have lifetimes exceeding 3 years.


 Switch types used on battery operated lamps.

  • Mechanical push or rotating switch, sometimes chain controlled.
  • Separate remote control, often allows bulb colour to be varied.
  • Electronic touch switch, this type often allows variable brightness.
  • Bluetooth App controlled switch, allows lamp to be switched using mobile phone or tablet.


Cordless lamp battery condition indicator.

Some cordless lamps incorporate a battery condition gauge giving an indication of remaining time before the battery is exhausted.


             Battery gauge rechargeable table lamp


Cordless lamps enable placement anywhere in the house or garden regardless of electrical outlets.

The lamps can range from a simple globe or spherical form right up to elegant luxury lamps that are indistinguishable from other lamps, except for the lack of a trailing electrical cable.

Outdoor dining areas can be transformed by the addition of a stylish lamp providing light exactly where needed.

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